About Carol Burbank

F3DC.jpgI’ve been through many transformations in my life, but at the heart of each shift I’ve asked these questions: How can I find freedom, to be creative, healthy and joyful in my life. As a teacher, I knew that my own knowledge and freedom depends on helping others find theirs, so I answered the call to become a coach and energy healer.

What are my gifts? Holding a space for people to find their own voice, their own dreams, their own beliefs. Curiousity, playfulness, integrity, courage, connection, and balancing your energies helps my clients find their power and joy, and shift the stories that are keeping them stuck physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Modern life is hard and so is change. I believe we must change ourselves so we can help the world change for the better.  I developed Storyweaving to support steady, healthy, playful change, and make the inevitable transformations of life easier, helping people move more quickly towards the life they want to live.

The only place we can begin is where we are.  After 15 years of integrating coaching and healing work to help creative people struggling with illness, trauma, hard situations, and other blocks, I know healthy change is possible, and that we can love the story of our lives, no matter how hard our past story may have been.

Storyweaving braids two threads together to speed healing and move forward quickly: somatoemotional (body/mind/spirit) healing and coaching support.  People ready to change, and eager to heal can make quick progress. I support healing on many levels using a variety of tools. 

SOMATOEMOTIONAL HEALING: I offer integrative healing through Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hawaiian Energetics, Reiki, and Active Imagination. My 15-year intensive training on the Big Island and Molokai with traditional healers brings elemental, meditative and natural energy work to my clients. My training with CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy) with innovator Mike Boxhall offers physical and energetic integration through the neural system, calming and healing from the center out. My Reiki Master training with Frans Steine allows me to offer energy work from a non-judgmental, expanded space; I often teach my clients how to use Reiki to support and expand their own healing.

CREATIVE COACHING SUPPORT: Life coaching and project-based support helps creatives move through blocks, make healthy decisions, take changes step by step, and finish their dream projects. A writer and artist myself, I offer writing and creative project coaching and workshops. A mentor coach at Sofia University, I have experience in both spiritual and foundational life coaching, and work to help my clients move through transitions with grace and clarity.

My Training:

  • Ph.D. research in individual and social transformation trained me to recognize the how and why of shifting identities and relationships in a changing society. (Northwestern University, Performance Studies)
  • Mentoring and teaching people of all ages taught me to work with people where they are, and hold a challenging space where what is possible expands. (My experience includes teaching at the University of Maryland, Union Institute and University, University of New England, Pacifica Graduate Institute, UNVA, and Sofia University.)
  • My writing (plays, scholarship, poetry, journalism and fiction) gave me discipline, focus, and a way to celebrate creativity and the power of story. As I learned to play well with the Muse, I learned many ways of getting into a state of flow — and helping others get there as well.
  • Exploring the arts (directing and acting) gave me an unforgettable experience of the power and flexibility of a good story as a force for healing and discovery.
  • Study of traditional energy healing in Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy and Hawaiian traditional healing showed me how important balancing mind, spirit and body and being in integrity are to feeling authentic and connected in the world.

Storyweaving combines coaching and energy work to support your healing and energizing your creativity and resilience. Contact me to talk about the possibilities of working together. I see clients at our Del Ray office Wednesdays and Thursdays, in the evenings, and by appointment.