Is Your Tugboat Heading Out to Your Next Adventure? What’s Keeping It Tied Up?

u6tbYLPp_400x400Here’s some great wisdom from a Gen Y visionary, Noah Urban. Designer, artist and all around great guy, Urban already sees the connection between feeling stuck and low self-esteem. The key, he says, is owning and celebrating your identity.

“Sam Gosling made an interesting point in his book Snoop which formed the foundation for this theory: You cannot change self-esteem directly. It’s a ship that’s too far away from the harbor, and attempts to move it are just that: attempts. Quandary: How then do we improve self-esteem if we cannot directly interact with it? Answer: Identity.

Identity defined as the parts of our lives that we associate with; something we would consider correcting if described inaccurately about us. “Actually, I’m a graphic designer, not a blogger.” Photographer, geek, car enthusiast, entrepreneur, man, human. These are things we can easily and directly control. We can learn new things and build new identities and release them as needed. What if identities are little tugboats that putter out and get us moving in the right direction?” Read more….

Identity – it’s a big idea, but if you imagine it as a tugboat, suddenly things get practical! Our roles aren’t prisons or straitjackets or “shoulds,” they’re boats designed to get us moving. Our identities shift and play in the world, if we’re in the flow, if we don’t hold on too tightly.

So what’s tied up in your identity that’s keeping you from moving? Are you struggling with self-esteem? With confidence, practice, and experimentation, it’s easier than you think to fuel a great life and build self esteem, no matter how you’ve been raised, no matter what challenges you might be facing.

Here’s a daily practice that helps get you chugging along with more joy, DAILY BEGINNINGS, DAILY REST:

At the start of every morning, while you’re still in bed if possible, take three deep, relaxing breaths, and review your coming day. Identify at least one thing you’re looking forward to, and think about what your gifts and skills will bring to make that event, job, or activity really great.  Then start your day.

At the end of the day, before you fall asleep, take three deep, relaxing breaths, and think back to that activity. How did it go? How did it feel? How did you make it something worth doing? Feel that satisfaction, and let yourself relax into a good night’s rest.

The longer you’re willing to see yourself and your offerings as a gift in the real world days that you tugboat through, the more your self esteem will increase. Try it!

Want to learn more about how to love the story of your life? Join me on Sunday, October 22 for a great Storyweaving Intensive, Manifest Your Dream Project: Answer Your Soul’s Call. At the Omega Wellness office in Del Ray, VA, we’ll explore playful, practical strategies to make sure you finally finish that great project you’ve been holding in your heart. Whether you’re having trouble starting, stuck in the middle, or stalled at the finish, you’ll learn ways to get going and keep going, with energy and joy. Email me to find out more….

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