The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get Will Come from… You

When you think back to your favorite teacher, what did they give you?

Chances are they listened well, shared vital and helpful information, and helped you figure out how to bring that knowledge into your daily life. And when you’ve integrated your new ways of being into a more expanded life, these great teachers offer their blessing, and proudly watch you fly, on your own, into the light of a better way of being.

39899663-A-wise-teacher-Stock-Photo-teacherThere always comes a time, between teachers, when we long for that guidance and support. It’s easy to forget that your best teacher is within, the inner wisdom that can offer the same blessing of our greatest teachers.

In a crisis, your inner voice can shout so loudly it’s hard to believe the people around you can’t hear it! But that’s unusual.

Most times, that inner wisdom comes in a whisper that tugs at your consciousness. Unless you listen closely, it cannot give you the teachings you already know, but may not yet be consciously able to live.

Everyone has intuition, and everyone can learn tools to increase the connection to that quiet, creative self. Meditation, long walks, prayer, journal writing and art are only a few of the ways people find to connect with their inner teacher. How do you connect with yours?

meditate-girlWhen you feel alone, and need advice, and you can’t reach a friend or outside teacher, remember you have an inner guide. Get quiet and open a channel to your wise teacher within. Ask the questions that are weighing on you, and write down the answers that come to you. Open your heart and keep your mind clear.

What if you respected your inner wisdom as much as you respect your best teachers? What if you gave it the attention you give a wise leader in the world? I think you’ll be surprised at how wise you really are about your own path.

You can love the story of your life!

Want to learn a creative, practical meditation to connect within? Come to “CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER WISDOM: A Meditation for Energy & Focus,” a free storyweaving intensive on Thursday, October 12, from 7-9 p.m. at Omega Wellness in Alexandria, VA. Email me to find out more and reserve your place. (Limit 10 participants – and the class is filling up…)

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